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Shetch365 #1

Industrial Design for Outer Space

Libraries Make Room For High-Tech ‘Hackerspaces’
Jon Kalish,

Libraries Make Room For High-Tech ‘Hackerspaces’ NPR Weekend Edition

As infor­ma­tion becomes more dig­i­tal, pub­lic libraries are striv­ing to rede­fine their roles. A small num­ber are work­ing to cre­ate “hackerspaces,” where do-it-yourselfe…

Range Rover

Mechanical can be beautiful phone design

Keep sketching!! Lotusy-ish car

An Introduction To Wood Species, Part 1: Properties & Terminology

This Wood Species series of entries comes to us from guest writer Rob Wilkey, an Atlanta-based woodworker and industrial designer whose expertise is in small home goods, furniture, and large installations.* * *In this continuation of the…

Great information!

Doddle a day #1

It’s Official: Being An Industrial Designer Rocks
Gloriana Mejia,


A new report released by the National Endowment for the Arts looks at the role of industrial design in our society. Here are the highlights.

Today, the Nation­al Endow­ment for the Arts released a report tak­ing an in-depth look into…